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            How is everyone doing in the        new 'normal' COVID-19 period of our lives?  I hope everyone is          staying safe.</p>       <p>                 I have received a few texts         or e-mails in regards to next season.                   So honestly, I actually have NO         clue what to do at this moment.  I've updated the roster and draft          pages with the current rosters, now that the college early-entrant NBA          withdraw date has passed, so there's at least that normalcy back for all        of us.  After that, it's going to be a "wait and see" with all the          various leagues and schools and what they will do.  </p>        <p>                 We don't know when the college          hoops season will begin, this year will be a very unique fantasy season         for us.  I'll probably have to put in special lineup decisions based off        quarantine possibilities, such as player being sat during the week, so          having a 'backup' player from each team for positions just in case,         again I don't know. </p>        <p>                 Scheduling will be another          issue, as I have a feeling we're going to be looking at mainly          conference scheduling with maybe a few higher profile games being           played, again we won't know for awhile.</p>         <p>                 I will send out more        information when I have a clue, I'm just hoping we have a season at this        point.</p>          <p>                 Thanks to you all and again,        stay safe along with all of your families! </p>         <p>          Thanks!

      <i><b>        Rick</b></i><b><p>            Weekly Score sheets are complete thru:             03/06/2020

IF You SEE any corrections, please e-mail me ASAP!!

      </b></p><table><tr><td><!--[if gte vml 1]>                                                   <![endif]--><img width="332" height="50" src="" alt="Wooden vs. Valvano" /></td>            </tr><tr><td>              <p>          Independent George         (NCAA)</p></td>            </tr></table>

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